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Blockchain bonanza for the enterprise

I’ve never known too much about bitcoin. I mined a few years ago to satisfy my curiosity on how to install a miner and get it running. Then, for the last year or so I’ve been like most folks I know, watching the posts and articles on bitcoin flash by on the screen with little interest. A few weeks ago my AD (Assistant Director) handed me a postcard sized flyer for The Blockchain Revolution by the Tapscotts. Though I was a bit skeptical after the first few chapters, my mind started to focus in on bits of my daily work that I might be able to fit the blockchain in to. I’ve started reading technical docs and cloning blockchain repos from GitHub. Really, I’ve become a bit obsessed.

The real power to me of the blockchain is not only the transactional integrity, but also the extensibility using blockchain platforms like Ethereum.  Ethereum is hyped as being a “Blockchain App Platform”.  What that means at the highest level is that you can embed custom code into the blockchain.  The code is then triggered by certain types of transactions. Thinking about the platform today on my long drive in to work I focused on three ideas.

The first is a project management platform. I am a certified PMP, and use project management methodologies in my daily work. So to have an idea in this realm was obvious to me. This is also the idea I haven’t thought through much yet.

The second is a platform for employee evaluations such as yearly performance reviews. Being in the throws of performance reviews at the moment, my brain easily slid into thoughts of how the blockchain could help me.

The third idea, and the one I spent the most time thinking on today, is a scrum board. I’m a fan of using a personal scrum board, and have been trying to use one with the team for some time. A few folks have grudgingly started using the post-it note based tool, when they have to. For the most part my team seems uninterested in adopting scrum boards into their daily work.  My thought was to transfer the scrum board concept to the blockchain and to incentivize its use.  I’m thinking Trello with payouts.

High level the app would include:

  • Adding stories with a contract where on completion of all tasks, with full acceptance, a token would be paid out.
  • Adding tasks with a contract for acceptance before token payout.
  • Payouts could be any value, but thinking standardizing on 1 token for a task and 5-10 tokens for a story.
  • All who complete at least one task in a story gets a piece of the story payout.
  • Reward market place.
  • Reputation points.

The last two, the reward marketplace and reputation points, are the two pieces I don’t have a clear vision on yet.  For the reward market place I’m thinking that items could be added to the blockchain, such as gift cards or comp days that could be purchased with tokens.  For reputation points I can see either getting rep points based on work volume, or an “upvote” type system or both.

I still have some thinking to do around this last piece, so am inclined to get started on the bulleted items and let the rest follow. I want my team to start using a variety of tools, so they can find those that most help them.  I want to incentivize the completion of stories for enhancements that will help the team.  And, most importantly, I want to use the blockchain.